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What does prayer mean to you? Is it more of a time for meditation or communication between you and God?

I just finished reading a book called- The Seven Spirits of God: Divine Secrets to the Miraculous by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It basically talks about the seven spirits of God as written in the Isaiah.

And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord;” (Isaiah 11:2)

These are the 7 Spirits of God:

  1. The spirit of the Lord
  2. The spirit of Wisdom
  3. The spirit of Understanding
  4. The spirit of Counsel
  5. The spirit of Might
  6. The Spirit of Knowledge and..
  7. The spirit of the Fear of the Lord

The book tells us the essence of functioning in the fullness of the seven spirits of God. While most people always focus on the spirit of Wisdom for example, it’s not enough to lead us to our ultimate goal and divine calling in Christ.

While I won’t go deeply into details about this book, I will share a prayer that I really love from the book and I’ve literally been praying it every morning since the day I read it.


How to Pray and Be Filled With the Spirit (A Prayer for You)

“Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, I understand from the Word of God that You’ll take charge of my circumstances if I let You.

You are the Lord of my life, and I pray that You order my steps today in the course that You’ve already planned for me. I want to meet only the people that You plan for me to meet today, and hear the things that You plan for me to hear, and say the things You plan for me to say.

I function as a child of God today in the anointing of the Holy Ghost. I walk in Your light, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. There’s nobody coming into my world as an accident today. The Spirit of dominion is at work in me today, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

I refuse to fear, for though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff comfort me. I refuse to be defeated today, for I’m a Victor in Christ Jesus. I’m more than a conqueror, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.


Thank You Lord for Your presence is with me today. I thank You for the Spirit of excellence is at work in me. I do not act foolishly or utter a foolish word. The wisdom of God is found in my mouth, and I give counsel by the Spirit today. I deal with people by the Spirit today. I see with the eyes of God today, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Oh Lord God, I thank You, because good things are coming my way today. I receive in the Name of the Lord Jesus. And I’m a giver today; I’m a blesser today in the Name of the Lord Jesus. My body is yielded to You, every fiber of my being and every bone of my body is for the Holy Ghost. I’m Your living tabernacle today. Talk through me; move through me; walk in me; talk in me, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

The health of God is in me. I refuse to let my body be subject to sickness, disease and infirmity. Every fiber of my being is inundated by the life of God. I’m walking in divine health, in the Name of the Jesus. Glory to God!



More….Don’t Quit at this point

Lord, I thank You for the Spirit of understanding and the Spirit of knowledge are functioning in me. I study the Word of God today and I understand it. I can see the Word, I can hear the Word, [I can feel the Word and it has become flesh in my life], I can understand the Word and so it’s working in me, and my mouth cannot be shut. I will speak boldly concerning the things of God and the revelations of God that I receive, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

The nations of the world are waiting for me and I’m coming in the Name of the Lord. I’ve been commissioned and sent of God. I’ve got a message from Him to the world, and they will hear it, in the Name of Jesus. Watch out world, I’m coming!”


More…Pray for others


I thank You Father for my children [for my family and loved ones]. The anointing of God is upon them. They do the will of God. They work the works of God. They live in the Word of God, in the Name of Jesus. No devil hatched out of hell can touch them. I thank You Father, for Wisdom is in their mouth and in their hearts. They function in the things of God today, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

I pray for my staff [and friends] in the Name of Jesus. They do the will of God and think the thoughts of God. In their going out and in their coming in, not one of them is subject to the devil. The Word of God is in their hearts and in their mouths in the Name of the Lord Jesus. [They do great things and fulfill Your purpose for their lives in Jesus Name, Amen!]



Amen? Amen! I hope you enjoyed praying this prayer. The highlights were added by me and I also changed the last part of the prayer to be more direct.

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I hope this helps you grow in a good way. I definitely encourage you to read this book as it will give you good insights into the seven spirits of God and how to open up yourself to receive and function in the fullness of the spirits of God.

Stay focused! Stay in the Faith! Have a blessed week!






Now it’s your turn: Did you enjoy this prayer? What does prayer mean to you? What steps or experiences have developed and built you to be more prayerful?


Honestly: I really appreciate you for reading. Please share your thoughts, experiences and ideas in the comment box below.


Life is more meaningful when we share. Let’s get more people achieving their purpose. 


Love & Light




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  1. This is so good what I just read regarding the book you just finished the 7 spirits of God. I am about to order this book on Amazon. At our church, our Pastor is speaking on our prayer life and how we are to pray to our heavenly father. And reading this is another confirmation today! From God.

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