Top 5 Reflections of 2015: The Year My Life Changed



In 2013, one of my friends from an association I belonged to in University, sent me an email with her top reflections of the year. I was really inspired and decided to do a yearly reflection and honestly, it has helped me analyse, grow, learn and take on the next year on a better path.

2015 was a year where I started implementing most of the things I had learnt in the previous years. I titled it –The Year My Life Changed. Change truly comes to life when we start applying the lessons we’ve acquired. So many interesting things happened this year and I learnt a lot of lessons and met people that have helped to transform my life positively. As a woman of God, I can proudly say that I am truly blessed and highly favoured and God is leading me to His purpose for my life. The one word that kept coming back was- GRATITUDE.

Above all, I now understand that truly, because God is for me, NOTHING can be against me. I can DO anything and everything I set my mind to. I now understand that power of our networks. I understand that love conquers all, and I’ve been learning to show and appreciate people more (very important), sometimes even when they seem unlovable. I understand the power of forgiveness and it’s ability to liberate us and lead us closer to our destinies. 2015, was a blessed year.


-Spiritual Growth & Faith

In 2015, I rededicated my life to God and promised Him that I’ll make Him proud. I took spiritual growth more seriously and decided to not just talk about God but intentionally start living out His Word in my life. I moved to Aba from Lagos in January because I needed support with my leg condition and I was a bit disturbed because I was leaving my church home in Lagos (RCCG). There was a reason for moving; God redirected my steps to House on the Rock, Aba for His divine purpose upon my life. I started Finding the Rock Foundation classes, connected with amazing mentors and people that have helped me grow in the faith and with their support, I really started living out my passion and purpose on earth- this year 2015. When we draw closer to God, He draws closer to us!


-The Power of Writing Goals & Meeting Great Men

In January 2015, while writing out my goals for the year, I decided to start leaving my comfort zone. Since 2013, after surgery, I’ve been “hiding”, going through a process but also building my muscles by developing myself for the future. One of the things I wrote down was that I would attend seminars organized by Mr. Lanre Olusola, Fela Durotoye, Steve Harris and Jimi Tewe. Previously, I had attended an event by Mr. Lanre in 2012, decided to search for him on social media, then stumbled upon the others and absolutely connected with their message. I didn’t know how I was going to meet them, because my mind told me it was expensive to attend their events and it would be in Lagos anyways. But I desired to attend their events and also meet them. Fast forward to April 2015, I started attending House on the Rock, Aba and during the Mind Power Summit; I met all of them apart from Jimi Tewe (who I met in October 2015 during the Live Your Passion event).

Because this happened, my conviction for the power of vision and writing goals was strengthened and I went on to write more goals and commit to them.

Before the Mind Power Summit, I promised myself that my life would never remain the same after listening to these great men. I have so much to write about these great men, but I’ll state briefly what I learnt from them during the summit.

Steve Harris: Throughout the period Steve Harris spoke, I saw myself speaking. I saw myself on that podium. I saw my dreams of becoming a speaker come alive. I connected with his personal story and saw that my current circumstances were working out for my good as God said in His Word. God is a Master Strategist and it’s amazing how He connects all those little threads to transform our lives. I understood that it was okay to start small and start executing on your dreams as fast as possible. Dream BIG, start small, execute fast! (Follow him here)

Lanre Olusola: I saw wisdom speaking on different topics of life, even though the main topic was on Wealth Creation. Mr Lanre is full of so much insight and I specifically admire how he unapologetically connects the Word of God with real life topics/issues. I now understand that being a life coach isn’t just about a certification, but needs a continuous process of connecting with divinity and learning, in order to gain wisdom, understanding and instruction, to further guide and teach people right. (Follow him here)

Fela Durotoye: Listening to Fela Durotoye speak just reaffirmed one thing that fear always tries to steal from us- Our Voice. FD has helped so many other people recognize their voice and use it to live on the paths of their calling. One key message I left the summit with was this- Stop being a container and start being a channel [for God to use]. I realized that I had been a container for years and that single message from FD made me commit to start being a channel and allowing my voice and message to be heard. I’ll forever be grateful for this fire that was re-ignited within me. (Follow him here)

Pastor Anny Ikebudu: This year, God used Pastor Anny to help and support me towards my purpose. People talk about servant leadership but never truly live it. Pastor Anny understands the meaning and importance of serving. The lessons I’ve learnt from him are beyond the Mind Power Summit and will probably fill up a bestselling book. Even during his silence, there were lessons to learn. He has been a mentor, coach and advisor to me this year and if there’s one person that has believed in me to the extent of pushing me towards my goals this year, I owe it to Pastor Anny. Gratitude is all I can think of right now. (Follow him here)



-Started – Laiza King Platform & Live Your Passion Event

Early this year, I was introduced to a new way of setting goals after I emailed Mr. Lanre Olusola. One of my goals was that I wanted to start living my passion of becoming an inspirational speaker while preparing myself to become a life coach in the nearest future. I started as an inspirational platform to inspire people through my story, experiences, lessons and tips I had learned over the years. The platform is focused on faith, personal development and entrepreneurship. While the online platform was growing with some dedicated readers, I decided to create an event that would bring my readers together, transform minds, and also inspire young people in the process. Furthermore, I created an accountability group on both BBM (27 people) and Facebook (100+ people). The BBM group is made up of friends and friends of friends, who have been very supportive this year. We’ve watched each other grow, helped and supported ourselves towards our goals.

I launched the Live Your Passion Event (LYP) in Abia State, with a strong desire to inspire the youth to go after their passions while giving them tips and strategies on how to turn them into profitable businesses. We invited some young people who were already working on the paths of their passions, and had 2 guest speakers- Pastor Anny Ikebudu of House on the Rock Aba and Jimi Tewe, Career and Business Success Catalyst. Remember I mentioned Jimi Tewe earlier?

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Jimi Tewe has been a blessing to me and the LYP platform. It was truly an honour to have him speak during the event as he shared his journey with us and key lessons on how to live your passion and make it a profitable business. Jimi Tewe’s teachings are beyond a motivational session but you can immediately connect with his message and start applying them to your life while learning very practical tips and strategies to help you towards your goals. Humility and honesty were aspects of his personality that I took away within the short period of meeting him. (Follow him here)

LYP was a success and brought together over 200 young people and so far, we have been receiving amazing testimonies. I worked together with an amazing team of visionaries and we plan to continue the LYP event as an annual conference while creating workshops during the year that will help young and aspiring entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

The LYP event is evidence that YOU (whoever you are reading this) can do anything you decide to do. Most times we have big dreams but never truly commit to it and then we give up. But I’m here to tell you that you are the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.


-Started a Fashion Media Company

In 2014, I got the idea of starting a fashion social network in Africa. Initially my mind was thinking about a facebook-like, instagram-inspired platform focused on the African fashion industry. I brought together a team from my network and we started brainstorming on different ideas on how to take the company to a new level.

The not-so-good thing about our approach was that we kept waiting for investors (lol!), getting million naira quotes from web developers and finding ourselves on the same spot.

The good thing we did was to start social media platforms immediately while connecting with over 20,000 fashion industry influencers on social media and via email. We were able to build relationships with top fashion bloggers all over Africa from Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa and some in the Diaspora more.

Gradually, God gave me a clearer vision of what He really wanted me to do and how to start! Clarity is very important. We are set to launch in 2016 and I honestly cannot wait! I’ll be sharing more details later.


-On Personal Development & Growth: Top 3 Books of the Year, 3 Events, Other resources


-Maximizing Your Potential by Myles Monroe

-Instincts by T.D Jakes

-Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

-Video: Men Who Built America Documentary (I honestly wish I could give everyone this file but it’s too heavy to send 🙁 )

-Podcasts: Steve Harris, Lewis Howes, Jokotade Show, Think & Grow Chick

(If you haven’t read the above books, please grab them immediately. I can send an E-Book copy of Never Eat Alone for anyone who asks for it). In 2016, I plan to read alot of Faith, Self improvement and business books, so I’ll really appreciate your recommendations 🙂



-Mind Power Summit, Aba (I wrote about it above)

-She Leads Africa #SHEHIVE, Lagos (Wrote about it HERE) (The SLA team are amazing by the way. They inspired me alot this year and I’m so grateful for them. If you’re in Ghana, the next #SheHive is coming soon. Don’t miss it. Check out more HERE)

-Spirit Life Conference (My mind was truly transformed at this conference. Whoosh!)

-Live Your Passion (Wrote about it HERE)

-Start-up Weekend (At the Startup weekend, in started my startup and I’m so grateful for the amazing people I met)


Other things I did with Laiza King:

I started an Accountability group on both BBM and Facebook (Join HERE)

Launched a podcast which I plan to expand in 2016 (Listen HERE)

Launched a product and I plan to do more. Get it while sales last (Buy it HERE)

My top post was: My Story: Broken Shaken but still standing, 20 Personal Affirmations that have changed my life



Other Lessons/Attitudes/Habits:

-Affirmations, our thoughts and words have the power to massively transform our lives. I used it more frequently to create a positive outcome for myself this year

-I acted before I was ready. I was tired of fear and limiting myself. I put my faith into action this year and trust me- IT WORKS!

-I supported more people on the paths of their dreams. The more we help people, we unconsciously help ourselves and also grow.

-I exercised 2-3 times every week and did my best to eat healthy

-Your network will determine your destiny (It’s that deep. If you’re interested in building your network, please read the book- NEVER EAT ALONE by Keith Ferrazzi)

-Sometimes people will forget you, especially when you’re going through a process. The truth is its part of human nature too. Don’t expect 100% care from people. They’ll disappoint. Your ultimate trust should ALWAYS be in God

-It’s okay to ask for help. In fact, if you don’t ask for help and feel you don’t need any, you won’t reach your destiny- as simple as that. No man is an island.

-I learnt that true friendship means that the other person feels your heartbeat from afar. It’s beyond hanging out. Do you care about their purpose on earth? Are you ACTIVE in their process? Are you supportive even when they are in the fire?


Habits I Broke-up With:

-Worry (It’s such a killer and ends up leaving you on the same spot)

-Unnecessary sleep (Proverbs 24: 33-34)

-Fear (Because God is for me and in me, I cannot fear. What can mere man do to me? I was tired of allowing fear and it’s siblings to stop me from being great)

-I stopped hiding in my shell (Freedom is what we’ve been given, why should we keep looking for a breakthrough while hiding our lights?)

-I’m still struggling with my love for biscuits (I know! Very random, lol)



MAJOR PRACTICAL LESSON OF THE YEAR: Your network is your net worth. I always heard this but never really put words into action. I plan to capitalize on this lesson in 2016 and throughout my lifetime. While I work towards creating stronger valuable networks and relationships, I will also become a person of value to them and give time towards strengthening those links.


This year, I met so many amazing people and got to interact with some of my readers. Honestly, I’m so so grateful to you and thank you for being so supportive. I hope that next year will be a glorious and super successful year for you.


2016, I’ve termed it my year of Execution, Networking and Continuous Progress.




How was 2015 for you? What are your top 5 reflections? Tell me in your comment below and/or write it in a blog post and tag others to do the same 🙂




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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Reflections of 2015: The Year My Life Changed

  1. Great Post Laiza!!! 2015 was a little bit slow for me but I sincerely believe that i will start living out my dreams in the new year. Bless you dear!

    1. Thanks alot Shalom!

      I trust that with hardwork and persistence, 2016 will be a great year for you. Keep pushing dear. God bless you too 🙂

  2. Great post I must say. For me, I learned to accept responsibility for a lot of the things that happened in my life and stopped making so much excuses even when there were genuine ones(trust me, there were). I also learned to stop waiting for approval before following a dream(it’s still isn’t that easy though). Towards the end of the year, I built the habit of not just reading but also listening to words of great people who have been on this journey. I believe 2016 would be more revealing and I would put a lot of what I have learned to action. I wish you a great 2016 too😉.

    1. Thanks alot.

      You grew alot then. So many lessons for you in 2015. Cant wait to hear how you put them into action. Happy New Year!!!

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