[PODCAST]: What To Do When Nothing is Working




“I feel stuck.”

“Nothing is working.”

“I don’t feel good enough.”

“I’m never going to get this done.”


Have you ever experienced such moments in your life? I mean, who hasn’t? Sometimes it feels like nothing is working and you just feel like screaming!, as if that will solve the situation. But honestly, let’s not fake it here. It’s part of human experience to get to those kind of moments when we feel like things to change. If you’re reading this and you’ve never gone through such in your life, then you’re truly not growing.

Contrary to what most people think, sometimes feeling stuck is a sign of growth. Sometimes it means that you have more within you and it’s time to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. However, when absolutely nothing is working, how do you approach it?

It’s very important to take note of patterns that occur in your life in order to create positive systems that supports those patterns, weather negative or positive.

Personally, when I feel stuck, I normally make a conscious effort to get out of that rut very fast. I realized that the more I wait, the more I give room to more negative thoughts and end up staying on the same spot instead of making progress.

After I had surgery on my leg, I went through a slow process where I felt like nothing was working. I would normally spend hours crying, complaining and blaming which left me in the same position. But over time, I decided to stop allowing myself wallow in self pity and just get my life together. I took physiotherapy more seriously, focused that phase of my life on spiritual and personal development and generally started making progress.

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I believe every single person on this earth has personal power and can achieve their dreams despite any circumstance. It’s important to understand that feeling stuck is more of a feeling than a fact and it’s only temporary so far you decide and commit to move forward from that point.

In today’s podcast, I shared 7 Steps I normally follow to help me get moving forward when I feel like nothing is working in my life or in business. Click below to listen, download and drop a comment by sharing how you normally get unstuck when things aren’t working according to plan.



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