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Life Lately is a new series where I give insights and lessons that I’m currently learning and that have helped me grow in my life. By sharing these life lessons based on my spiritual and personal values, I believe that lives will be positively transformed.


There’s no doubt that everyone has a purpose here on earth. Yet most of us are not fully aware of why exactly we are here and what steps we should be taking towards our purpose. In fact, what’s even more heartbreaking is the fact that most people live way below their calling in life.

It’s been a long break from Laiza King and a tough but interesting one too. I haven’t written in 2 months. What?!

Honestly, I’ve missed writing here and connecting with my wonderful readers and I plan to be more consistent this time. Life has been very interesting and I’m so glad for the progress and growth that I have experienced so far this year. Sometimes, it takes some stripping away of the ‘old’, in order to embrace the new. That was the case for me, especially this 2016.

I’ve been doing some better structuring of the projects I have planned for the year and also intentionally assigning targets towards my talents and gifts. The most recent one that has brought the fastest progress (income, mindshift, knowledge, connections) is freelance writing. I’ll get to that in due time and hopefully get to explain the business of freelance writing to those interested. It’s amazing how God just makes a way to earn in a currency that everyone in your country is complaining about. I mean, how awesome God is!

Back on the topic of purpose! I believe that everything we do in life, should be done purposefully. We can’t continue to live aimlessly and expect everything to work out perfectly. In order to be truly immersed and in sync with our divine purpose, we need to come to a place of awareness- spiritually, personally, emotionally and all round.

While it’s definitely not easy getting to a point where we can say- I know exactly why I’m here and where I’m heading to; I believe that we need to get to that place where we at least have a glimpse of Gods plan for our lives. We can only SEE what He intends for us by surrendering and allowing Him to envelope us with His love, will and continuous guidance.

I’ve learnt some lessons by answering few questions this year connected to my purpose and I hope that by sharing them, they will help you in some way.


  • Why Am I Here?

This is a very powerful question and once you can answer it, your life will be much easier. When you know your WHY in life, you’ll stop running in circles. I realized that by also having a strong why, while you’re working on different tasks or projects- business, academics, etc, you’ll have a stronger focus and be able to accomplish them better. For everything you do, find a why. Find a purpose. If you’re serious about your life’s purpose, start by asking God why He placed you here on earth and I believe that with consistent diligence to His Word, you’ll surely get an answer



  • Where Am I in God’s Timing for My Life and What Should I do??

Sometimes we might be ‘enjoying’ and remain settled in a certain phase while thinking that it’s God’s ultimate plan at that stage of our lives. What if God intended for you to own five successful world class companies at the age of 25? Like the bible says, God’s plans for us are of good and never of evil. He wants us to prosper and give us a great future (Jeremiah 29:11). Be desperate about living in God’s perfect will and timing. Put yourself aside and allow Him to order your own steps. His timing is ALWAYS perfect and sure. Ask God- Where do You need me to be at this stage of my life?

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God is VERY SPECIFIC! I marvel sometimes when I read the story of Noah and how God directed Him to build an ark with specific measurements. We need to be open to God and ask Him to show us specifics about our purpose and future. Ask- Lord tell me exactly what to do! God delights in us, when we surrender to His will.

My pastor once said- If you try to copy other people, remember you cannot copy their grace. This is so true! Be careful to know when your mind is speaking and when God is speaking. Don’t try and do things just because your friend or every other person is doing the something.


  • What gifts, talents and overall potentials were given to help me fulfil my purpose?

One of the men I respect so much- Steve Harris, a business strategist, told his story of how during a desperate and life shaking circumstance, he was forced to assign different financial targets to each of his talents, gifts and skills. Did he succeed? Off course he did. Never negotiate when you’re hungry, he said.

I honestly learnt from this and this year, I decided to assign targets to each of my talents. I also noticed that I’ve been giving away alot of free stuff (concrete advice, knowledge and resources) that are actually helping people thrive. I’m always happy when people make progress, but I’ve also recognized the importance of packaging your talents/gifts/skills to create wealth and income for you.

Beyond the financial aspect, think about how your talent, gifts and skills can help you achieve your ultimate divine purpose in life. How are your gifts helping other people? How can you use your skills to serve better and help lives to be better?



  • How will I get there? What people have been assigned to help me get there? Who have I been assigned to help get to their own purpose?

If you think you can achieve everything on your own, then you’re very wrong. Just like how David needed a Jonathan, every single person needs help in different forms- resources, mentors, coaches, friends, partners, advisers, teachers, role models, pastors, colleagues, acquaintances and several joint power sources to get to their purpose in life.

Don’t sit around and think you can get there on your own. The fact that you’re not the only human being in this world means that we all need each other. Allow God and ask Him to lead you to your divine helpers assigned to support your purpose.

Also be on the lookout by opening yourself up to help support the vision, dreams and purposes of other people. Don’t keep receiving without giving!

Start by asking and answering these questions with a pure and humble heart in God’s presence. We all need guidance and direction because no one is perfect. When it comes to divine purpose, don’t take it likely. Instead understand where God is taking you to and bask in His grace at every step.

I cannot thank God enough for directing my every step towards His purpose for my life. I pray that He also guides you gracefully! Amen!




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  1. Welcome back Laiza……finally! Wonderful lessons and very important questions to ask plus everyone with their own grace so God’s direction is key.


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