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Kingly Word is a series from Laiza King, where she pours out her heart and shares life lessons that have helped her grow in life. Be prepare to be inspired as you take your life to a whole new level of greatness. Don’t dull your sparkle. Don’t fear fear. Shine your light for the world to see and feel your presence.



“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” – W. Clement Stone

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”- Jack Canfield


I’ve been afraid of so many things most of my life. I mean, scared of life, school, work and all the things that might go wrong. It took a conscious effort to stop allowing fear and all it’s siblings to caress me and my dreams.

Anyone that tells you they were never afraid or never felt fear is not being truthful. However, in order to achieve success or our greatness, we need to understand that we will have Goliaths on the way. While stepping to any phase of life, we will encounter obstacles on the way. But it’s our responsibility to look fear in the eye, create the right positive mindset and face our Goliath.

Imagine if David just talked about how he was going to kill Goliath without actually facing him head on and acting on his words. He would’ve been tagged as a man that brags without actions.

While planning towards the LIVE YOUR PASSION Event last year, I faced so many Goliaths that made me think that I couldn’t do it. See, the battle is in our minds first before they manifest. I understood that if I didn’t face those fears and act immediately, even my future dreams would be at risk.

Facing your goliath is not something that just happens, you need to TRAIN yourself. David had a track record and he wasn’t afraid to boast about it. In fact, he used it to scare Goliath! He said:


“I have done this to both lions and bears, and I’ll do it to this pagan Philistine, too, for he has defied the armies of the living God!” (1 Samuel 17:36)

See, it doesn’t matter how small your track record it. I’m very sure about one thing- when you ACT and put your faith to work, you’ll literally astonish yourself. Infact, you will attract the right resources and people even in the midst of any challenges. You dedication, tenacity and next level mindset will push you towards your dreams.



I started looking at fear as a sin

I thought about the millions of lives that will starve if I kept fear as my god instead of faith

I started taking actions even when I was afraid

I felt the fear but didn’t let it stop my destiny

I stopped thinking and worrying about the process

I set goals towards my dreams and achieved them step by step

I stopped being selfish by allowing my fears to stop me from impacting my world

I stopped listening to naysayers

I stopped surrounding myself with negative people

I gave up so much just to face my goliath, achieve success and enjoy my peace

I simply started acting on my dreams and goals


Briefly, some of the things you can do to face your Goliath (obstacles, limitations, negative circumstances, fear and anything stopping you from achieving your goals, dreams and greatness)


Change Your Limiting Belief System

In order to face your Goliath and achieve your dreams, you MUST get your mind right. Change your limiting belief system and replace them with the right mindset. If you’ve always thought poverty, then start thinking wealth and riches. Educated yourself and surround yourself with the right people, coaches, advisors that could help you reach your goals. You must get your mind right to face your Goliath so you don’t bow down to it.


Take Action

Honestly, you can’t claim to have faith and not act. You’ll only be deceiving yourself. No matter how small those steps are, you need to be willing to take actionable steps towards your dreams even when you see the obstacles. While you’re facing problems, think about the solutions and good options that could lead you to your goals. Stop limiting yourself. Stop talking about it and BE about it. Fear is very FAKE! In fact, most times the things we fear are not real (if not every time). Goliath seemed so strong and tried to get in the mind of the people with his heavy armour and height. But David didn’t look at Goliath’s height or didn’t limit his own height, but looked towards heaven- at God. God has no other option than to do one of the things He does – win battles. Because David trusted God enough to take actions, God acted on his behalf.

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Until you act, don’t expect manna to fall down from heaven for you. Sometimes acting can be as simple as setting goals or researching about your dreams. Sometimes acting could be asking for help. Sometimes acting could mean getting a coach to help guide you. Whatever it is for you, stop looking at Goliath and slay it by ACTING.


Trust God and Trust Yourself

David trusted God deeply because God had been with him when he killed the bear and lion in the forest. He trusted himself too and drew upon his inner strength and past track records/successes to slay Goliath even from a distance.


Don’t Listen to Naysayers

Don’t let people who cannot do it tell you that you can’t. They are only trying to force their limitations into your minds. NEVER let them into your space. Guard your ears from them. Instead, surround yourself with the right team and support network that will help you achieve your goals.

David refused to listen to the voices that told him he wasn’t qualified. In fact, they even tried to dress him in an amour that he wasn’t comfortable with (don’t go to battle with a new sword. Fight with what you know so well). David knew he was very capable. He also understood that he wasn’t fighting for himself or for his glory, rather for the glory of God and the liberation of his people. Figure our WHY you are fighting your Goliath or chasing after your dreams- then you’ll receive strength, wisdom and insight to kill any obstacles.

I don’t care what naysayers may have told you or what you’ve told yourself. I’m here to remind you that you are enough, capable and worthy!


Create a Plan and Strategy

Most people dream but never plan or get the right strategy. David had a strategy and understood what worked for him (a sling). The fact that Angelica travels by road doesn’t mean you have to. It might be best for you to travel by air and save time.

The fact that John is a public speaker doesn’t mean it will work for you for a start. With the resources you currently have, you being a writer might be your best strategy right now.

Create a plan, have the right strategy to reach your goals and execute on them immediately.



2016 is the best time to start facing and killing your Goliath. Whatever limitations you may have right now, NEVER focus on them, instead face them and act, then they will disappear.

You have all the greatness you desire within you. Stop waiting for people to liberate you. You are the VIP you’ve been waiting for.




How do you deal with fear? How have you been able to face and slay your Goliath? Please share in the comment box below.



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