How to Find Your Passion- Key Secrets You Need to Know (Part 1)


“Don’t worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman


Have you ever wondered how it would feel like doing what you absolutely love? Have you ever felt stuck or had a feeling that made you think about finding your passion and what makes you uber excited?


(Long read- Get ready to discover your passion)



We hear some people talk about how they’ve always loved photography or music and how they have successfully grown their brand, stirred their talents and are making profit out of it.

Sometimes it makes you wonder when you’ll also find your own place and start on the path of living in your passion. I believe every single person on this earth has felt an atom of this unique feeling in some way and some have made up their minds to find their passion and start living in the fullness and reality of it. Sadly just few people pursue their dreams during their lifetime. It’s high time we changed that.


From my own experience, finding my passion was a gradual process that took some curiosity, trying, acting, and generally making moves to ensure that I don’t just live life running in circles.

I can remember vividly when I was working at my first accounting job in Boston, fresh out of university. I was excited about starting and truly stepping into the “real world”. Days turned into weeks and then months, but still I felt like a river without water flowing through it. Plainly, I felt “dry”. I felt like I was struggling in my job and a bit frustrated. I couldn’t explain the feeling but I knew something was not right with working at that job.


I made sure that I did my work to the satisfaction of my bosses and even went the extra mile, but I still didn’t feel fulfilled despite their appreciation and accolades.

At some point, I felt like there was something wrong with me. What was I doing wrong? I knew deep down that I definitely did not want a life of frustrations or mediocrity. The more I stayed at an unfulfilling job, the more the chances of living a lie expanded.

At that stage of my life, my mind was deeply rooted on a foundation that made me believe in something greater than the ordinary. I knew my calling was beyond the path of the corporate or more traditional work path. It wasn’t pride; it was a knowing and consciousness to live in that reality.

I made up my mind to learn all I could at that job and be the best at my job, but I planned my exit immediately. One of the things I also did during my spare time at work was read inspirational, faith, fashion and motivational blogs, books and videos. Those were one of the things that really inspired me during that phase and gave me a deeper hunger for a more meaningful life.



The Seeking and Finding



As always, I got on my knees and asked God to lead and guide me to the path He had predestined for me. I asked that He take away the things that weren’t part of His plan for my life. And then it began happening- gradually.

In addition, I wasn’t afraid to show my true values and character at my job. I became close to one of my bosses and he gave me a good listening ear, gave me advice and encouraged me. He said he had been at that job for 30 years and didn’t want me to make the same mistake as him. I knew what he was saying. He could see something more in me than the job I was given to do, the financial rewards and any other fancy benefits.

When an opportunity came for me to move higher in that job, I immediately took my exit and decided to explore other opportunities and find myself and my place in life.

I was willing to go through the process and decided to do some honest evaluation of my life. I became curious about life and started a period of seeking. I’ve realized that most people just want to “find” the answers to the hard questions of life without seeking or taking steps to find them. Life doesn’t feed us fruits and jelly on a platter of gold. We must be willing to go through to embark on the journey towards our dreams. We must seek to find.

Story cut short, several life experiences from jobs, friendships, love, daily activities, habits, personal development, spiritual growth, projects and more, have helped me to connect the dots into one key area. From doing non-profit related jobs, a bit of finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, fashion and more, I have realized one key passion.

I am very passionate about helping people grow and supporting them towards achieving their purpose in life.

This is something I can do by 3am in the morning without feeling sleepy or complaining. Do I love other things? Off course I do. I love fashion, entrepreneurship, community development, public speaking, blogging/writing, photography and more. How does helping people come into play?

I have come to understand that even if you have an ultimate goal in life, you can also have different passions that in the long run will be combined together to feed your ultimate goal or purpose.

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When you take conscious actionable steps towards achieving them at different phases of your life, then you will find it and your passion will start manifesting into profit.

The not so good part is living life in circles without being bothered about your passion or purpose in life. There’s something about a man/woman being curious about finding his/her passion and then making moves towards actualizing it.

At some point, we must decide to kill ignorance and fear and step into our greatness by discovering our passion in life. But it must take a conscious effort on your part. You must be active during your process.



Why Passion Matters

The dictionary gives us different meaning of passion.


  • Any great, strong, powerful emotion
  • Fevor, determination
  • The suffereing of Jesus leading up to and during His crucifixion

Synonyms: Ardor, fire in the belly, zeal

I love the synonym that says- fire in the belly. Generally passion is a powerful emotion and it’s something that must be felt in order to be birthed forth.

Passion is connected to love; a strong liking or desire for some activity. The concept of passion being something you love that keeps you focused even in the face of circumstances or situations, hence the passion of Christ like the above definition.

In order to live in the fullness of our passion, we must be willing to go through some kind of denial, sometimes working without being paid and still pushing towards that ‘thing’ that excites you.

When there’s no passion, there’s a high tendency to drop out or leave a certain path. However, when we are doing things that we are passionate about, it will ultimately persuade people to follow you. When people see a passionate leader or entrepreneur, they are inspired by the passion first even during times when the organizations or companies aren’t making profit.

Passion is the spice that keeps you going even when your environment or people try their best to stop you. Just like love, passion is worth fighting for because that is what will sustain you and make you keep working harder.

The essence of working and living in the path that you love is something that you cannot afford to leave at the mercy of fate. Even when situations, goals, dreams and your plans aren’t working out, don’t stop looking for your passion.



Questions You Should Ask

If you are on the path to finding your passion, some of the questions that have helped me and I believe will help you too, are listed below. Take out a piece of paper or your journal and answer these questions now. We love to get practical on this blog.


  • What did I like doing as a child?
  • What would I enjoy doing even if someone wakes me up by 3am?
  • What would I love to work on for free?
  • What would I love to work on that will serve other people/humanity
  • What things come naturally to me?
  • What skills do I currently have?
  • What things do I completely hate doing?
  • What kind of work do I feel frustrated while doing it?
  • What would I do if I had 1 billion dollars and no limitations or fear?
  • What businesses or projects would I set up, if I had 48 hours to live and all the money in the world?
  • If I could control time, what would I spend most of my time doing?
  • What people inspire and motivate me to be better?
  • What do I love reading everyday?
  • What are some of the things I really value most in life?
  • What talents and gifts do I have?
  • What else are you good at?
  • What excites you?


When you’re done, you will most likely find out that a certain path, topic, subject or word keeps coming up over and over again. Sometimes it could be more than one and it’s okay. Write them down and hold on to them.



I’ll be revealing some practical tips that will help you find your passion in the second part of this series.


Now it’s your turn: Are you struggling with finding your passion? What can you stay up 3am doing, while also helping other people/humanity? What steps or experiences have helped you discover your passion? How has this helped you to achieve your passion, dreams, goals and purpose in life?

Honestly: I really appreciate you for reading. Please share your thoughts, experiences and ideas in the comment box below.


Life is more meaningful when we share. Let’s get more people achieving their purpose by finding their passion. 



Love & Light






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