How to Detox and Rebuild Your Life Again [A Must Read]



Have you thought about just taking some time off to figure out your life and make it better? Do you feel stuck? Perhaps you feel like moving to a new city or doing something new in your life and you’re still in the process of trying to figure out this thing called life. Maybe you just lost your job and you’re thinking of the next step to take. Or maybe you just need some space to breath! In fact *Insert your situationship here*

I can totally relate to some of the above pointers and one sure way that I’ve used to get out of that rut is by detoxing and rebuilding my life.

Detoxing involves clearing out things, thoughts, belief systems, and people that don’t add value to your life while Rebuilding your life by planning and taking actionable steps towards the next greater phase. Just like how most workout and health gurus do a monthly detox at the beginning of the month, they use it as a time to remove any unwanted toxins while rebuilding their body with the right vitamins. It goes a long way towards setting the pace for the rest of their monthly goals and keeps them energized. 

Detoxing has been a very vital aspect of my life and I’ll encourage you to apply these recommended steps and tips to your life as you grow towards living a happier and purposeful life. Think of it as a breath of fresh, clean air. Stick with me on this!

My ‘Me’ Time



Taking time out for yourself is one very important step to reconnecting to your true inner beauty. Away from the noise, the negativity, the limitations. You truly deserve to live a happy and great life. ‘Me’ Time could mean sleeping, taking a walk along the beach (highly recommended), solo shopping therapy, reading a book, vacation, connecting with your creator spiritually, meditating, or just reading a book. Whatever it is, take out time to be yourself, laugh, dance, do your favorite workout, do those crazy things you haven’t done in a long time. My ‘Me’ Time allows me to be myself and just bask in the awesome beauty God has made me to be. Don’t skip this step and beyond ‘detoxing’, make out time every week to add this to your routine by reflecting.


Take a Social Media Hiatus

Did I hear NO WAY, Laiza?! Honestly, this is one of the best things you can do for yourself. When I had surgery and was going through physiotherapy, I took most days off from social media and blackberry chat. It wasn’t easy because at that point I had just joined Instagram and it was becoming addictive (some of you can relate). I needed to understand and re-evaluate my life and figure out what God needed me to do going forward. In addition, I used most of that time to do some research and complete my business plans. Instagram, Facebook and all the rest can wait, they aren’t running away. Besides Mark Zuckerberg already made money right? I might as well spend my time well and focus on making mine. Don’t be trapped by #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Focus on reconnecting with yourself as you detox and rebuild your life. I also noticed that I became happier and loved myself even more when I did this. It doesn’t matter if people call your phone and tell you you’ve been #MIA (Missing in Action). Well, it’s your life and you can’t please everyone right?


Time to Off Load

Now you’re away from the noise, it’s time to off load. It’s time to figure out those things that haven’t been adding value to your life. It’s time to write all your thoughts down. This is one great therapy that has been very special to me. I’ve formed the habit of writing my thoughts in my journal. It helps me know myself better, organize my thoughts and in the process figure out ugly atoms of my attitude that needs to be discarded. I learn what makes me angry, irritates me or motivates me. Then that way, I can clear my thoughts and learn how to be a better version of myself.



Remove Toxic People

Aha! This step is one of my favorites, at least now that I’ve had the courage to do it. Believe me on this- you are the average of the five people you hang around most of the time. If the people in your life aren’t adding value to your life, then you have every right to leave them behind. It’s a tough step! Sometimes you find out that after setting new life goals and detoxing, you can’t just connect with some people anymore. You can’t hangout with them because you both have different things that make you tick.

While working on some business ideas, I made the mistake of telling few “friends” who I thought would support me on it, without even thinking. I was excited, don’t blame me. Being a positive person, I’ve gotten to the extent where I can’t stand negative people. The more you stay with them, the more you unconsciously adjust to their way of thinking. God has given me this privilege to live in His purpose for my life and I can’t afford to allow people dictate it for me through their noxious thoughts.

After telling them about my plans, it all ended in a series of negative talks as they clearly told me that I couldn’t do it.


Most of the time, such people don’t even have much going for them. Sometimes they might give some advice based on their limited minds and it might really not be their fault. So try and understand, don’t hate them, just move on. I’ve learnt the difference between constructive and destructive criticism.

For the most part, good constructive criticism will challenge you and give you advice in form of actionable steps to help you move back up. For example, if you want to start an online business and you’re hyped about it. Constructive criticism will say- I honestly believe you can do this and succeed at it, but I think right now you should spend time contacting good suppliers and manufacturers in India or focus on building relationships that will help you.

On the other hand, destructive criticism tells you a plain- You cannot do it! , without any pity about how you feel or any thought about your purpose and goal in life. They corrupt your thought process and leave you hanging. Please don’t let this be your story and don’t let people drag you down.

Stay away from toxic people. They don’t deserve you. Simple!




Mind Detox

Our minds our one of the strongest aspects of our entire existence. Before we act, we must have thought about it or at least built a certain culture into our subconscious. Take stock of unhealthy thought processes and make a conscious decision to correct and replace those negative thoughts with new, fresh and positive thoughts. Take charge of your life and continue speaking positive affirmative words into your life and incorporating it into your daily routine.

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Body Detox

Once you’ve cleared our your mind, your body follows. It you find yourself unusually tired, lazy and complaining about life, it might be time to start evaluating what you’ve been dumping into your body. I’m not talking about a diet her. Make a conscious decision to live a more healthy lifestyle. Instead of soda, consider taking more water. Replace junk foods with more vegetables and fruits. Take charge of your life and focus on the long term benefits of eating healthy. A body detox also involves taking out time to rest/sleep from all the stress of life.

Finance Detox

It might be time to start setting financial targets for your life. Do you love shopping too much and end up trying to figure out where all your cash went? It might be time to change your belief system about your financial life. You can do this by making a decision to start setting a budget and stick to it; upgrade your knowledge about financial income and sustainability, start making your skills and passion earn money for you. For some, a financial detox might mean living a minimalist culture in their lifestyle (it’s okay to window shop) and make room for things that really matter. Decide that you will not spend above your means, instead save more and create different streams of income.

House/Space Detox

Now you’ve offloaded, it’s time to clear out your space in order to SEE clearly. From experience, I’ve realized that, cleanliness is truly next to godliness. Imagine trying to study close to a huge refuse dump that covers over two acres of land. No way! The sight and offensive smell will get you confused and can kill (literally). While detoxing, its necessary to clean out all those things you don’t need from your mind to your surroundings. This might mean, clearing our your wardrobe and probably giving clothes you don’t need to charity or some of your friends or maybe selling them on your blog, ebay or depop.

Cultivate the habit of having a clean space to live, study and do other things. It creates an avenue for clean and positive thoughts, ideas and really leads you towards living happier.



Reconnect, Re-strategize & Plan (RRP)

Reconnecting is really different from ‘Me’ Time. Reconnecting is realizing where you are at that stage in your life as you analyze and envision where you’ll love to be in the future. For me, reconnecting means re-evaluating my life and setting goals according to Gods perfect plan for my life. I use this time to cancel out projects/goals that have been eating up my time without adding value. I allow God, sometimes through fasting and praying or studying the Bible, listening to motivational videos, etc. Then I figure out better strategies that will help me achieve my goals while realigning my goals according to Gods plan for my life and then figuring out actionable steps that will lead me to those goals. This step goes a long way towards setting the pace for the next phase of our lives.

If you’re at a stage where you feel like your life has been moving in circles without purpose, this is a step you cannot afford to miss. I always advice people to plan their lives at this stage by writing or updating their 5-10 year goal plan. Write it like you’ve already achieved it and then highlight steps for each goal. These plans can always be revisited and updated later, but it’s very essential if you’re ready to get your life into gear and towards your dreams.



Prepare Already

Remember the goals you set while reconnecting and making better strategies? It’s time for effective preparation. If you need to gain skills towards achieving your future goals, then do it. If you need to take those extra fashion design classes, this might be the time to enroll and stop hoping and waiting.

In order to be successful in life, we must prepare for what we want. One question you might ask yourself is this- What do I need to do right now in order to live the life I’ve always dreamt of? If your plan is to be a career person and reach the highest point in your company or industry, then you might need to take those ACCA, CFA or professional courses. Just keep moving.





Get Moving Forward. It’s Action Time

I’m all about putting my words and plans into action because faith without works is simply dead. We can’t keep waiting and hoping for manna to fall from heaven or for people to keep helping us. We need to be accountable and responsible for our lives.

Look at those goals you made during your RRP step above and then start acting on them. Start those ACCA classes, take those nursing classes, start going for those workshops, start your online business, start making out more time for your family, just start moving. Don’t forget that baby steps are still steps too. Whatever you do, keep moving! Remember, the best way to start is to start. And if you don’t do anything, absolutely NOTHING happens.



Important: Invite Joy and Gratitude

Sometimes all we need is to make joy and gratitude our best friends. Our problem may not be physical but more about our attitude towards life. Have you let other people or things steal your joy from you? Have you allowed your current situation determine the extent you’ll go in life? Have you completely blocked out a daily habit of gratitude by just saying- Thank God for life?

Cultivate a conscious daily habit of joy and gratitude. Anything that steals your joy, has stolen your blessings and even destiny. Don’t let this be your story. You deserve to live a life of joy, love and gratitude.



Detoxing and Rebuilding our lives helps us figure out the missing link while we take actionable steps towards making our dreams a reality. You deserve to live a happy and great life, but it ALL starts with YOU! This has helped me and I believe it will be valuable for you too.


Now it’s your turn: Which of these steps do you think you need to do right now? What new tip have you learnt from this post? Have you ever gone through a detox and rebuild period? If yes, please share your experiences?

Honestly: I really appreciate you for reading. Please share your thoughts, experiences and ideas in the comment box below.


Life is more meaningful when we share. Let’s get more people achieving their purpose.


Love & Light




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