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Life Lately is a new series where I give insights and lessons that I’m currently learning and that have helped me grow in my life. By sharing these life lessons based on my spiritual and personal values, I believe that lives will be positively transformed.


There’s no doubt that everyone has a purpose here on earth. Yet most of us are not fully aware of why exactly we are here and what steps we should be taking towards our purpose. In fact, what’s even more heartbreaking is the fact that most people live way below their calling in life.

It’s been a long break from Laiza King and a tough but interesting one too. I haven’t written in 2 months. What?!

Honestly, I’ve missed writing here and connecting with my wonderful readers and I plan to be more consistent this time. Life has been very interesting and I’m so glad for the progress and growth that I have experienced so far this year. Sometimes, it takes some stripping away of the ‘old’, in order to embrace the new. That was the case for me, especially this 2016.

I’ve been doing some better structuring of the projects I have planned for the year and also intentionally assigning targets towards my talents and gifts. The most recent one that has brought the fastest progress (income, mindshift, knowledge, connections) is freelance writing. I’ll get to that in due time and hopefully get to explain the business of freelance writing to those interested. It’s amazing how God just makes a way to earn in a currency that everyone in your country is complaining about. I mean, how awesome God is!


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KINGLY WORD|Face Your Goliath



Kingly Word is a series from Laiza King, where she pours out her heart and shares life lessons that have helped her grow in life. Be prepare to be inspired as you take your life to a whole new level of greatness. Don’t dull your sparkle. Don’t fear fear. Shine your light for the world to see and feel your presence.



“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” – W. Clement Stone

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”- Jack Canfield


I’ve been afraid of so many things most of my life. I mean, scared of life, school, work and all the things that might go wrong. It took a conscious effort to stop allowing fear and all it’s siblings to caress me and my dreams.

Anyone that tells you they were never afraid or never felt fear is not being truthful. However, in order to achieve success or our greatness, we need to understand that we will have Goliaths on the way. While stepping to any phase of life, we will encounter obstacles on the way. But it’s our responsibility to look fear in the eye, create the right positive mindset and face our Goliath.


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Want to Set Goals Before 2016? Join this FREE Challenge/Mini-Course Today


This is definitely the season where most people start getting ready for Christmas celebration and all the parties right?

Well, for me I’m all about setting goals ahead of next year and creating systems now that will help me achieve my goals for next year. Cool right?

I’m tired of waiting until the regular time- January 1st to start making new year resolutions that hardly work.

Most people that approach me always ask for help concerning creating a plan, goals, coaching advice, achieving their purpose and passion and generally how to create more profit or abundance in their lives. I definitely have some answers for these questions and I’m dedicated to learning everyday and helping more people.

That’s why I created a challenge that will help you….


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How to Forgive Someone Who Hurt You: 7 Ways You Can Be Free Today [FAITH]

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Wait! You didn’t really mean I should forgive right? There’s no way that’s happening!

Life thus far has taught me one important lesson, which is the fact that unforgiveness has just one pathway- negativity. I’ve come to understand that in order to truly forgive, we must learn to see the people that hurt us in the light of love. I know, I know! Love? That might be hard for most minds to embrace. This process is never easy and it clearly takes the grace of God to help us detox and rebuild ourselves in love again.

People have hurt me in the past and honestly it took a HUGE toll on my mental, spiritual, emotional life and general productivity. Few years ago I went through a personal ‘cleansing’ experience that was as a result of a betrayal from a close friend. I was still in college and off course we were all hyped about the ‘best friend’ vibe and sometimes we just forgot to read the clear writings on the wall. The truth truly hurts and at that point, I wasn’t even ready to accept and live with that truth.

Previously I had side chatters who convinced me of what they heard and saw. Now, the thing about listening to gossips is that, they have a PhD in that field and can lure you into believing that your name isn’t your name. But I’ve learnt to always consult God and the right people before believing any rumours. (more…)

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The Power of Gratitude: 3 Lessons on How To Attract Abundance in Your Life + FREE Printable




Gratitude is one aspect of our lives that most people still ignore. Most times, we are wrapped up and distracted by the things we don’t have and end up complaining and worrying. The truth about gratitude is that, when we are sincerely grateful for some things, we consciously make room for more of those things in our lives.

We attract what we are grateful for. Gratitude has the power to transform little into more; one job done faithfully and with a grateful heart will lead to more opportunities. When we are grateful for $1, then we give room for more dollars to come into our lives. Gratitude leads us to give more, and the more we give, we receive. It’s not just a saying, but a law that we need to start applying to our lives. Ever wondered why people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have remained on the top 30 richest men in the world list? Well, check well. Beyond their work, they are heavy givers.


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WEEKLY WORD: A Prayer For You



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What does prayer mean to you? Is it more of a time for meditation or communication between you and God?

I just finished reading a book called- The Seven Spirits of God: Divine Secrets to the Miraculous by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It basically talks about the seven spirits of God as written in the Isaiah.

And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord;” (Isaiah 11:2)


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