How to Create a Smart Freelance Writing Action Plan

Turn Your Scars into STARS (1)

What right do I even have to talk about freelance writing?

Well, simply because I’m a testimony of how freelance writing can change someone’s life.  It’s not about writing a daily blog post or simply having the gift of writing. It goes beyond that. For me, it’s all about acknowledging that you have a passion for writing, consistently stirring that gift and then taking steps to turn that passion into a profitable business.

Early this year, I made the decision to start writing for major publications and take some of my talents, gifts and expertise to the next level while earning in the process- from public speaking, writing, trainings, to starting a technology company. While doing an evaluation of my year, I realized that so far, freelance writing has brought in the fastest and largest amount of income for me this year, followed by the trainings I conduct. Note that, last year, I was still doing freelance writing, but I struggled while doing it. Then I decided to go back to the drawing board, with God, hardwork and perseverance, I’m reaping the bountiful fruits.

It’s unbelievable sometimes!


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‘Live Your Passion’ Event Experience and Key Lessons

Me: Elizabeth Laiza King
Me: Elizabeth Laiza King


Some of you already know that I organized an event recently called- Live Your Passion in Aba City, Abia State on Saturday October 17.

This year, I made a decision to start living on the path of my passion instead of just talking about it. The event went really smooth, I learnt so much and from the feedback we’ve gotten so far, lives were definitely transformed through this event and people have already started working towards the paths they truly love.

Live Your Passion is an event with one main goal: to inspire young people to pursue their creative, entrepreneurial and career aspirations, no matter how big their dreams are and despite their circumstances. I strongly believe that by bringing together amazing speakers, both those with years of experience and young transformers living their passion, together we will help and support millions of people towards turning their passions into profitable businesses and activate their purpose on earth.


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She Leads Africa Experience: Key Lessons I Learned

The last two weeks of September were really mind changing for me. I travelled to Lagos for a program organized by She Leads Africa (SLA), a social enterprise that is committed to supporting female entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.

I was part of their She Hive Lagos Pre-Accelerator program and also took part in other programs for the whole week of the event. I got the opportunity of meeting like minds, listening and learning from amazing entrepreneurs and investors and generally just opened up my mind to embrace the goodness in the entire environment and experience.

We had several classes and panel sessions including lectures on:

-Website design for start-ups

-Perfecting Your Pitch (with Andrea Barrica from 500 Startups)

-Maximizing the GTBank MarketHub

-Yoga Classes

-Data and Analytic in Your Start-up with Co-Founders of Seedstars

-How to Run the World with Top Employees (with Chika Uwazie, founder of Talentbase)

-Getting Your Message to Your Customers (with Etisalat)

-Thinking Long Term About Your Money (with PAL Pensions)

-Investor Readiness Day (Where we got to pitch our businesses to investors and other entrepreneurs)

-And many more amazing open and closed mentorship sessions.


Overall, I had a great experience learning and networking with women who are transforming their worlds in different industries. There’s literally no limit to what we can all achieve. Our greatest limit is in our minds and only you can stop yourself from achieving your goals.

I decided to share 10 key lessons I learned from my SLA experience. Of course there are still more lessons, but I had to narrow them down. If any of these lessons resonate with you, please share your experience. Also, if you attended the event and you read this, let’s get talking about your personal experience. I will be sharing some more specific lessons I learned throughout the month of October, including some highlights from the Spirit-Life Conference organized by House on the Rock church. I had an eventFULL end of September.



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7 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting a Passion-Based Business



Starting a business comes with truckloads of challenges and commitments, especially on the part of the business owner(s). While most people always think about the financial aspect first, we’ve heard stories of entrepreneurs with mouth watery capital but yet weren’t able to succeed in their businesses. When starting a business, it’s very important to do some ‘inner searching’ and answer some honest questions.

It’s very easy to get distracted by all the stories of people who have built successful businesses and are still scaling. What most people forget is that everyone is different; we are passionate about different things, have different skills, talents, gifts and we all have various ways of approaching an idea.

While John might be great at solving problems and making great forecasts, Jane might be more tech savvy and also prefer the creative side of things. In fact, both John and Jane might be passionate about different things entirely even if they are best friends.

In order to build a sustainable passion-based business, one must answer certain honest questions and take massive action towards achieving their goals.



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How to Get Work Done When You Don’t Feel Motivated



Let’s face it. Sometimes we feel completely unmotivated to get even the smallest projects done. Procrastination is a key hindrance to lack of motivation and putting our dreams off. I mean, even superman still has those days when he doesn’t feel like saving the world, right? When I started on the path of building my business, there were some days that just felt off and I found myself making excuses or chilling through my work by doing nothing. In fact, it’s a common problem, especially if you don’t have a boss waiting for a project with a deadline attached to it.

However, I’ve learnt to get a lot more work done and stay focused while doing it. The more focused I am, the more I produce even better work. While writing this post, my phone is off and there’s really no distraction besides the generator from my neighbors’ house (lol).

Anyways, I’ve got you covered with these tips that could help you both as an individual, student, career person or entrepreneur.



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