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This is definitely the season where most people start getting ready for Christmas celebration and all the parties right?

Well, for me I’m all about setting goals ahead of next year and creating systems now that will help me achieve my goals for next year. Cool right?

I’m tired of waiting until the regular time- January 1st to start making new year resolutions that hardly work.

Most people that approach me always ask for help concerning creating a plan, goals, coaching advice, achieving their purpose and passion and generally how to create more profit or abundance in their lives. I definitely have some answers for these questions and I’m dedicated to learning everyday and helping more people.

That’s why I created a challenge that will help you….


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30 Day Challenge: Gratitude, 1 Book, Only Water (August 2015)



Welcome to the LK 30 Day Challenge exercise (Use hash tag #LK30DayChallenge). The aim of this exercise is to help transform lives from the inside out. We believe that our daily habits determine who we become in life. We believe that with dedication and the right accountability partner/group/team, we can achieve our goals in life.

This is a fun 30-Day Challenge group based on core principles and values that ultimately challenge us to be better individuals in various aspects of our lives- Spiritually, Socially, Financially, Health-wise, Emotionally, Mentally, Career and all round. Our 30 Day Challenges are quite creative and we try our best to make it fun and interactive. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in, but it matters who you connect with. Together, we will work together towards supporting each other and making the best out of each monthly challenge.

Our monthly challenges include but are not limited to-

  • Healthy Challenge
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Spiritual Challenge
  • Water Therapy
  • Book Reading
  • Affirmation
  • Gratitude
  • Charity
  • Financial
  • Personal Development
  • 30 Day Challenge Mix (A mix of different challenges at the same time)


We are also open to contributions, as far as they add positive value and are in line with our core value which is to transform lives positively. As much as we love fun and creativity, we do not allow any form of violence or vulgar language or any negative attitude that will affect other people. This challenge is strictly for the aim of transforming lives positively and helping individuals to live intentionally and achieve their purpose in life. We believe that our feelings, thoughts and words are all seeds that attract towards us and manifest what we feed them. It all starts from our minds. Once we can think it, we can do it.

Now, let’s join our minds, hearts and hands together towards achieving our 30 Day Challenge goals. Are you ready?????

In order to really enjoy this challenge, it’s best to work with an accountability partner or a group. To join in, follow our Instagram and Facebook Pages and use the hashtag- #LK30DAYCHALLENGE. Don’t forget to tell your friends/family about it and spread the word. Please drop us a message on facebook asking for an invite to our private group- Once you commit to joining the challenge.

Instagram: @LaizaKing

Facebook: LaizaKing


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