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The issue of lack of self-confidence has stopped a lot of dreams right on their tracks. Most people focus on what other people think before they accept their personal opinions.

From my personal experience, I’ve realized that self-confidence is not something that can be built in a day. While you can definitely feel super duper confident and bask in the realm of a billion bucks for a day, that alone can fade off the next day.

Do you have a friend that is always putting you down? Does constructive criticism pull you down? Do you always accept destructive criticism from every Jack, Mandy and Mary?

Well, it all boils down to the way we think about ourselves as well as others. Sometimes, people let themselves to be bitten by the venom of negative self talk, thoughts and opinions. All those negative and inner critic voices creeps into our self-confidence, esteem, work and life in general. Self-confidence can be quite fragile but it’s definitely possible to work towards attaining it. How do we achieve this?

While there are several ways to boost self-confidence, I’ll be sharing 9 ways that will help you.


What kind of thoughts go through your mind regularly? Listen to the kind of words, songs, phrases, and general thoughts that go through your mind. Are they negative or positive? Take out time and really re-evaluate your thought process. If you feel that you always think about the negative aspect of things first, then you’ve recognized an issue that needs to be worked on. Focus on words and things that are more positive and bring about real value to your life. What do you allow to feed into you? If watching the news affects your thoughts and drives it towards negativity, then change the things you watch and listen to. Also examine the kind of opinions you accept from people. Are they always negative? Guard your thoughts, because you eventually produce them on your lips. Your words are seeds that bring forth life. But first, it begins in your mind.



I’m an affirmation lover. I love speaking to myself and telling my lovely self how amazing I am. Whenever I notice negative self talk knocking, I immediately speak positive words to myself. I remind myself of who and whose I am. I tell myself that I am more than capable, I am a strong woman, I am enough and I can do anything. I don’t just say it, I believe it and I know it! It’s not being boastful, but it’s about being sincere with yourself and embracing the beautiful side of your existence.

Practice daily affirmation by speaking positive and life giving words into your life. Speak them enough until they stick to your subconscious and become part of your daily life. Write out on a note card- inspiring, motivating and life changing words, phrases and sentences that boost your self esteem and confidence. Let those words continuously remind you of how awesome you are.



One major way to silence your inner critic, get work done and become more confident is by being productive. Set goals, get to work and track your progress. A famous quote says- An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. When people are always idle, they give room to negative thoughts to creep in. They criticize themselves for not moving forward in life, make more excuses and blame more people. Don’t allow your mind to be a house for idleness and negativity. Get active and productive about the aspects of your life that needs improvement. Stop procrastinating and instead channel your energy towards work that makes you feel confident and valuable.



We’ve all been responsible for contributing to the low self-esteem of other people (I hear you thinking, but it’s true). Our thoughts about people directly affect the things we say to them as well as our actions towards them. It’s not okay to always judge people and be critical of them. The way we view other people directly affects us without us knowing it.

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Instead of being jealous or looking for the tinniest stain on someone’s dress, compliment them on their lovely outfit. Constantly criticizing other people will eventually come back to bite. If you have to give advice, then let it be good constructive criticism backed up with advice and tips that can help them. Look for the positive in people and maximize their strengths instead of castigating them.



What would you tell your younger and future self? If you had to write a letter to your younger self, I’m sure you’ll write something inspiring and motivating. You’ll tell him/her words that will push them beyond their fears. You’ll make them see their beautiful/handsome uniqueness. If you’ll speak more positive words to your younger self, and tell your future self how proud you are, then you’ll not criticize yourself now. Encourage yourself now in order to manifest the results of your future self and your goals.



When we do things that we are passionate about, we function in our natural habitat. Brushing your teeth is easy and you don’t need anyone to tell you how to, because it just feels natural to you now. Same applies to doing something you’re passionate about. You become confident in your abilities and get to the point where you start appreciating your abilities, embracing your uniqueness and sharing your passion with other people. Passion makes you feel more confident in yourself. Even if you’re still on the path to discovering your passion, do your current work passionately. Do everything passionately, it makes a difference.




Sometimes our lack of self confidence is as a result of the inspiration we’ve been feeding on. Even when you’re super charged and you’ve been working on building yourself, there are just those times when certain things don’t inspire us anymore. Maybe you’re the type that always feels like you don’t have anything to offer. The truth is this- in order to feel more confident, you must be willing to put in some work. Go ahead and upgrade your inspiration through books, quotes, your support team, videos/music and even your life goals.



The people we surround ourselves with will either break us or make us.

In fact, our circle of influence determines our influence. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Do they build you up, challenge you and add value to your life? Or do they drain your energy, pour negativity on you and leave you dry?

It’s your responsibility to surround yourself with people who believe in you and will push you towards your purpose and destiny. The people we hang around with directly affect our self esteem and confidence.



There’s something beautiful and special about everyone on this planet. Embrace self love by looking for yourself beyond your flaws. I understand that everyone has something that isn’t so good about them, call it the ‘pinch of uglitude’. In the midst of those imperfections, there’s a special LIGHT that can never be taken away from you. That’s the light you need to shine forth everyday. Embrace who you truly are and focus on practicing self love; it will change the way you see yourself and ultimately change your approach towards life.





Now it’s your turn: Tell me about how you boost your self-confidence. Please share some activities that keep you focused and confidence in yourself.

Honestly: I really appreciate you for reading. Please share your thoughts, experiences and ideas in the comment box below.

Life is more meaningful when we share. Let’s get more people achieving their purpose. 

Love & Light,








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