How to Create a Smart Freelance Writing Action Plan

Turn Your Scars into STARS (1)

What right do I even have to talk about freelance writing?

Well, simply because I’m a testimony of how freelance writing can change someone’s life.  It’s not about writing a daily blog post or simply having the gift of writing. It goes beyond that. For me, it’s all about acknowledging that you have a passion for writing, consistently stirring that gift and then taking steps to turn that passion into a profitable business.

Early this year, I made the decision to start writing for major publications and take some of my talents, gifts and expertise to the next level while earning in the process- from public speaking, writing, trainings, to starting a technology company. While doing an evaluation of my year, I realized that so far, freelance writing has brought in the fastest and largest amount of income for me this year, followed by the trainings I conduct. Note that, last year, I was still doing freelance writing, but I struggled while doing it. Then I decided to go back to the drawing board, with God, hardwork and perseverance, I’m reaping the bountiful fruits.

It’s unbelievable sometimes!


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