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Life Lately is a new series where I give insights and lessons that I’m currently learning and that have helped me grow in my life. By sharing these life lessons based on my spiritual and personal values, I believe that lives will be positively transformed.


There’s no doubt that everyone has a purpose here on earth. Yet most of us are not fully aware of why exactly we are here and what steps we should be taking towards our purpose. In fact, what’s even more heartbreaking is the fact that most people live way below their calling in life.

It’s been a long break from Laiza King and a tough but interesting one too. I haven’t written in 2 months. What?!

Honestly, I’ve missed writing here and connecting with my wonderful readers and I plan to be more consistent this time. Life has been very interesting and I’m so glad for the progress and growth that I have experienced so far this year. Sometimes, it takes some stripping away of the ‘old’, in order to embrace the new. That was the case for me, especially this 2016.

I’ve been doing some better structuring of the projects I have planned for the year and also intentionally assigning targets towards my talents and gifts. The most recent one that has brought the fastest progress (income, mindshift, knowledge, connections) is freelance writing. I’ll get to that in due time and hopefully get to explain the business of freelance writing to those interested. It’s amazing how God just makes a way to earn in a currency that everyone in your country is complaining about. I mean, how awesome God is!


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