KINGLY WORD|Face Your Goliath



Kingly Word is a series from Laiza King, where she pours out her heart and shares life lessons that have helped her grow in life. Be prepare to be inspired as you take your life to a whole new level of greatness. Don’t dull your sparkle. Don’t fear fear. Shine your light for the world to see and feel your presence.



“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” – W. Clement Stone

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”- Jack Canfield


I’ve been afraid of so many things most of my life. I mean, scared of life, school, work and all the things that might go wrong. It took a conscious effort to stop allowing fear and all it’s siblings to caress me and my dreams.

Anyone that tells you they were never afraid or never felt fear is not being truthful. However, in order to achieve success or our greatness, we need to understand that we will have Goliaths on the way. While stepping to any phase of life, we will encounter obstacles on the way. But it’s our responsibility to look fear in the eye, create the right positive mindset and face our Goliath.


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