[PODCAST]: What To Do When Nothing is Working




“I feel stuck.”

“Nothing is working.”

“I don’t feel good enough.”

“I’m never going to get this done.”


Have you ever experienced such moments in your life? I mean, who hasn’t? Sometimes it feels like nothing is working and you just feel like screaming!, as if that will solve the situation. But honestly, let’s not fake it here. It’s part of human experience to get to those kind of moments when we feel like things to change. If you’re reading this and you’ve never gone through such in your life, then you’re truly not growing.

Contrary to what most people think, sometimes feeling stuck is a sign of growth. Sometimes it means that you have more within you and it’s time to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. However, when absolutely nothing is working, how do you approach it?


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Want to Set Goals Before 2016? Join this FREE Challenge/Mini-Course Today


This is definitely the season where most people start getting ready for Christmas celebration and all the parties right?

Well, for me I’m all about setting goals ahead of next year and creating systems now that will help me achieve my goals for next year. Cool right?

I’m tired of waiting until the regular time- January 1st to start making new year resolutions that hardly work.

Most people that approach me always ask for help concerning creating a plan, goals, coaching advice, achieving their purpose and passion and generally how to create more profit or abundance in their lives. I definitely have some answers for these questions and I’m dedicated to learning everyday and helping more people.

That’s why I created a challenge that will help you….


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