The Power of Gratitude: 3 Lessons on How To Attract Abundance in Your Life + FREE Printable




Gratitude is one aspect of our lives that most people still ignore. Most times, we are wrapped up and distracted by the things we don’t have and end up complaining and worrying. The truth about gratitude is that, when we are sincerely grateful for some things, we consciously make room for more of those things in our lives.

We attract what we are grateful for. Gratitude has the power to transform little into more; one job done faithfully and with a grateful heart will lead to more opportunities. When we are grateful for $1, then we give room for more dollars to come into our lives. Gratitude leads us to give more, and the more we give, we receive. It’s not just a saying, but a law that we need to start applying to our lives. Ever wondered why people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have remained on the top 30 richest men in the world list? Well, check well. Beyond their work, they are heavy givers.


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7 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting a Passion-Based Business



Starting a business comes with truckloads of challenges and commitments, especially on the part of the business owner(s). While most people always think about the financial aspect first, we’ve heard stories of entrepreneurs with mouth watery capital but yet weren’t able to succeed in their businesses. When starting a business, it’s very important to do some ‘inner searching’ and answer some honest questions.

It’s very easy to get distracted by all the stories of people who have built successful businesses and are still scaling. What most people forget is that everyone is different; we are passionate about different things, have different skills, talents, gifts and we all have various ways of approaching an idea.

While John might be great at solving problems and making great forecasts, Jane might be more tech savvy and also prefer the creative side of things. In fact, both John and Jane might be passionate about different things entirely even if they are best friends.

In order to build a sustainable passion-based business, one must answer certain honest questions and take massive action towards achieving their goals.



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26 Lessons I Learnt in my Twenties (Still Learning)

Laiza King


It’s not my birthday and I’m not thirty years old either. Life has been an amazing learning and growing process. From growing up, school, work, business, meeting people, travelling, learning, making mistakes, getting back up, Phew! There are just so many lessons to share which led me down memory lane. I mean, can you remember your very first day at school? (I know!) Look at you now; still standing, growing and making great progress.

While I’ve learnt a lot of things during my twenty something years of living on this planet earth, I decided to share 26 relevant lessons that have changed my life so far. Off course I am still learning and growing into the woman I was called to be.



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How to Make a Digital Vision Board for Your Ideal Life: 6 Key Steps


Write the vision, make it plain down, make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”- Habakkuk 2:2


The idea of having a vision for your life sets you apart from everyone because everyone has individual goals. It gives you focus and helps you set goals towards your desired and ideal life. This is exactly what a vision board does, just that it’s a bit more creative, so you’ll have to unleash your creative self on this one.



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20 Daily Personal Affirmations That Have Changed My Life




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Warning: No Negative Vibes Allowed!

One of the habits that have helped me grow and totally worked every time for me are positive Affirmations. I’m all about speaking life into your life. Generally, positive thinking and visualization has the ability to change your life if applied consistently. Off course, they always have to be positive affirmations if you want to attract the positive in life. I’ve realized the deep essence of the words that come out of our mouth and I can’t afford to destroy my life just with ‘mere’ words. Words are powerful; more powerful that we know it.

The world was formed and shaped through words. If I say I am wealthy for 20 years, there’s a huge chance that I’ll become wealthy. I rather say that than to keep saying I’m poor or broke.


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How to Detox and Rebuild Your Life Again [A Must Read]



Have you thought about just taking some time off to figure out your life and make it better? Do you feel stuck? Perhaps you feel like moving to a new city or doing something new in your life and you’re still in the process of trying to figure out this thing called life. Maybe you just lost your job and you’re thinking of the next step to take. Or maybe you just need some space to breath! In fact *Insert your situationship here*

I can totally relate to some of the above pointers and one sure way that I’ve used to get out of that rut is by detoxing and rebuilding my life.

Detoxing involves clearing out things, thoughts, belief systems, and people that don’t add value to your life while Rebuilding your life by planning and taking actionable steps towards the next greater phase. Just like how most workout and health gurus do a monthly detox at the beginning of the month, they use it as a time to remove any unwanted toxins while rebuilding their body with the right vitamins. It goes a long way towards setting the pace for the rest of their monthly goals and keeps them energized. 

Detoxing has been a very vital aspect of my life and I’ll encourage you to apply these recommended steps and tips to your life as you grow towards living a happier and purposeful life. Think of it as a breath of fresh, clean air. Stick with me on this!


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