20 Daily Personal Affirmations That Have Changed My Life




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Warning: No Negative Vibes Allowed!

One of the habits that have helped me grow and totally worked every time for me are positive Affirmations. I’m all about speaking life into your life. Generally, positive thinking and visualization has the ability to change your life if applied consistently. Off course, they always have to be positive affirmations if you want to attract the positive in life. I’ve realized the deep essence of the words that come out of our mouth and I can’t afford to destroy my life just with ‘mere’ words. Words are powerful; more powerful that we know it.

The world was formed and shaped through words. If I say I am wealthy for 20 years, there’s a huge chance that I’ll become wealthy. I rather say that than to keep saying I’m poor or broke.

Now, that’s my philosophy about words and it has been working for me.

In addition, I’ve come to understand myself more and noticed that one of my love languages is more of words before anything else. What happens if no one speaks those positive words into your life? Well, you have to learn to look boldly into the mirror and affirm yourself.

Affirmations are basically declarations that state the truth and authenticity of something. According to the dictionary, affirmation is defined as:

  1. The act of affirming or the state of being affirmed
  2. A statement of the existence or truth of something; assertion
  3. (Law) law a solemn declaration permitted on grounds of conscientious objection to taking an oath.


I’m sure we can connect with at least one of these definitions. I’ll go with the second and third definitions. Affirmations are an oath you take by declaring the truth about something you truly desire and speaking it forth into existence. Now, that’s my own definition. So I know that anytime I speak positive affirmations, I’m literally saying that IT is true and no matter what anyone thinks, it has manifested into my life. This is something that both your conscious and subconscious mind will gradually accept to be true.

From experience, when you know the essence of affirmations and HOW to use them, then they will become a great asset and tool for improving your life and helping you achieve success. Again, please pay attention to the words that you speak into your life first by controlling your thought process towards thinking more positive and life giving thoughts and then speaking forth those positive thoughts into existence. If you say you cannot do something over and over again, then don’t expect to be able to do it.

For me, I have affirmations for different areas of my life. For my spiritual life, health, wealth, business and more. I say all of them at least once a week, and the personal ones are said daily together with any other one I feel like saying, depending on my mood.

Let’s get more technical here can we? Ever heard of the term Garbage In, Garbage Out? This simply means that whatever you put into something, you get out. Think of it as an investment. If you put $1 in an investment, versus $1million, the returns will be different. The truth is, if we put garbage into our body or minds, we get garbage out. As time goes on, you can only bring our what you have on the inside. This applies to our minds, spirit, life, businesses, blogs, health and more.

The subconscious mind is like an investment. It takes an input, processes it and gives you an output (return). It doesn’t distinguish between good and bad. But consciously, we have the right to determine what our subconscious gives birth to.

There are several ways to get our minds renewed and some of the ways are by reading good books, being in the company of the right people and off course affirmative words.

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Now, How can you get started?


These are the steps that will help you:

  1. Choose affirmations that are short
  2. Be relaxed as you can while keeping your mind focused on the words
  3. Repeat them to yourself daily, during times that you’re experiencing a mind trick towards the negative path or even while riding on a bus.
  4. Pay full attention to the words and feel them flow deeply into every fiber of your being
  5. Speak it out in faith and with boldness while connecting your mind, heart and body to the words
  6. Make your affirmations completely positive with no negative connections to it. It’s best to say- “I am perfectly healed” or “All I place my hands on will prosper” instead of saying- “I am not sick” or “All I place my hands on will not fail”. You get the drift?
  7. Use small portable and easily accessible cards (Written Technique)
  8. Stand in front of the mirror and speak to yourself (Mirror Technique)
  9. Say your affirmations in the morning before you start your day and in night before you sleep
  10. Save a daily timer for your affirmations. For example, you can decide that you’ll save the time for 12pm, 3pm, and 6pm. And no matter where you are, you must say them throughout the day
  11. Speak life consistently into your life and experience your mind, spirit and life change for the better



My 20 Daily Personal Affirmations:

  1. I am blessed and highly favored
  2. I am fit spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically
  3. Only good things come to me today
  4. All I place my hands on will prosper
  5. I radiate love and happiness in all areas of my life
  6. I am successful in whatever I do
  7. My gifts, talents, skills and businesses positively help people
  8. I am calm and relaxed in every situation
  9. I am daily in the company of purpose driven, successful and loving people
  10. I am at peace with everyone. I am kind, empathic and generous
  11. I am a God-loving person, I live in righteousness and my spirit is in tune with Gods plan for my life
  12. I am a blessing to my family, friends, world, generation and generations to come
  13. Wherever I go, the glory and light of God fills that place
  14. I have and function in divine wisdom, knowledge, insight and understanding
  15. I am a woman after God’s heart
  16. Every cell, fiber and system of my body is working perfectly and in harmony and love. Therefore, I live in divine health all the days of my life
  17. I love myself, my family and my friends
  18. I have a healthy self-worth and esteem. I am confident in who I am
  19. I am proud to be a woman. I am a successful daughter, sister, mother, friend, mentor and leader
  20. Life is great and I fulfill my purpose on earth


So there you go! My top daily and personal affirmations. Off course I still have longer lists.

But I hope that with this, you can start speaking LIFE into your life. You shape your life with your tongue. You might as well just speak positively even though your mind or other people might not accept it. You were born for so much more than ordinary. You have greatness within you!



Now it’s your turn: What affirmations do you speak to yourself? How have they helped you? If you haven’t cultivated this into your routine yet, please let me know how I can help you or tell me some that you just wrote down.


I truly appreciate your comments!






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18 thoughts on “20 Daily Personal Affirmations That Have Changed My Life

  1. Hello Laiza,

    I like this. I have something similar pasted on my bedroom wall. Mine contains 50 affirmations (I call them my New Belief System).

    Lazily, I don’t confess them everyday (even though that was the intention). Your post has given me the push to take this stuff more serious. I believe that our words are powerful, and we will see what we say.

    The recommendations you made about how to make it work are very helpful. The point about being positive resonates with one of the lessons I learned from ‘The Secret’.

    I may have to try it with a mirror and see how it goes. Your affirmations are incredible by the way. Like one of my favorite pastors is known to say, “Keep saying it. Don’t stop talking it…”

    Jisie ike

    1. Ah! You read the Secret? That book helped me to think before I think, lol. Somethings I don’t agree with from the book, but overall, it was very insightful and I’ll definitely read it again.

      I have more than 20 though and the list, keeps growing, lol. I choose the words that work for different situations and stick to them during a specific period. The mirror exercise definitely works wonders. It helps you see all your flaws as well as your beauty and generally just appreciate yourself from within.

      I’m glad the recommendations I gave helped you! Pastor Chris always says that- keep saying it, don’t stop talk it. I can hear is voice ring in my head right now.

      Thanks Toby!

  2. Hi Laiza

    Another great post that I enjoyed reading. I absolutely love affirmations and they are a huge part of my life and also on my blog which I have shared a couple of them.

    They bring so much positive energy and just keep you flowing in your vibrations. The more you repeat affirmations the more real they become until they fully manifest in your life.

    Thanks for sharing. They resonate well with me.

    1. Very true. The more we repeat affirmations, they become real and eventually manifest in our lives.

      I was listening to some today on happiness and love and it got my day off to a great start. Affirmations are just soooo important and literally can change our lives.

      Thanks so much Yvonne. I really appreciate it!

  3. Hi Laiza,

    Affirmations are really great. They have this incredible way of turning you into what you believe in. When I hear that people find that affirmations are not working for them I know they aren’t doing them correctly.

    Great tips on how to get started.


    1. Hello Lea,

      Very true. Affirmations surely have a strong manifesting power behind them.

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

  4. Hi Laiza,

    Agreed. Affirmations are powerful and effective words that everyone should repeat regularly in order to invite positive vibes in day to day life. I believe it was Bob Marley who said, “Word, sound is power” and it’s so true. Keep it positive!


  5. Hi Laiza

    Affirmations are very awesome and they have a way of boosting positive thoughts which lead to positive actions. You reminded me of some affirmations which I need to add to my list. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week.

    1. You’re welcome Ikechi. I’m glad my post helped you. Indeed positive thoughts lead to positive actions…nothing beats that. Have a great weekend and thanks for your comment!

  6. What a wonderful post, Laiza
    Positive affirmations play an important role in our life. It trains our subconscious mind in the positive direction. Like you gave a warning in the beginning, all the positive thoughts train and warn our mind to stay away from the negative thinking.
    I love your ‘garbage’ point. As you sow, so shall you reap, isn’t? I can connect with any affirmations. Thanks for sharing your personal affirmations. Lots of love, buddy

    1. Thank you Yatin!

      Very true, affirmations have a way with our subconscious and I just love the feeling it brings. Helps us stay focused despite any circumstances.

      You’re very welcome 🙂

  7. Thanks for this! Truly you were used as a vessel by God for this piece right here! Thank you for this remarkable reminder. BLESSINGS x

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