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Sometimes I hear people talk about their dreams and goals but yet aren’t willing to go through the process of achieving them. But life doesn’t work like that. This is where investment falls in. In order to achieve success, you MUST be willing to invest in yourself.
Investing in yourself is a part of self love and acceptance; and also shows your zeal towards achieving success in your personal, professional, health, spiritual and life in general.
Investing takes patience, persistence, prayer and off course payment. Yup! You have to be willing to pay out in order to get good substance. Invest in things that really matter and things that will serve you and lead you towards your purpose in life.

The word invest means- to spend money, time or energy into something, especially for some benefit or purpose.
From this definition, we can see that in order to invest in yourself, you have to be willing to give something. It could be time through studying, praying or payment for those workshops, books or seminars.
Over the years, I’ve learnt the essence of investing in myself. This is definitely one thing that very successful and wealthy people do that some others ignore. The importance of this kind of habit is deeply rooted in it’s ability to help us and our future become better and well rounded individuals as we work towards our dreams and purpose.
Imagine a man that saves a particular amount of his income consistently every month from the age of 10 until retirement (maybe at 50), he would have acquired more than enough, especially if he also invests in his knowledge of financial investment and management. The same applies to a man who invests in his mind and decides to have a positive outlook on life; he will consciously and unconsciously attract more positive things into his life.
As cliche as this may sound, it’s very true and has been proven several times. There are definitely somethings that you cannot microwave or bypass and one of them is the investments you make in yourself. Let’s get to it already!

Check out 10 ways of investing in yourself that will definitely set you for success IF applied consistently.


1.  Spiritual Growth: Build Your Relationship With God

I cannot emphasize the importance of consistently staying connected to your power source. Just like how the pipes always produce an inflow of fresh water for our daily lives, same way we need to stay plug in spiritually. I had to learn the hard way (from my story) and realized that the more I surrendered my will, goals, emotions and plans to God, the more He directed and ordered my steps on the right part. It’s a very vital step and beats the drum for literally every other areas of our lives. Don’t ignore that tug in your spirit. It takes discipline to also grow continously and get more spiritual food through Gods Word, prayer, worship, and meditation. But it’s 100% worth it knowing that my life goes way better when I’m under the covering of the most high God. My relationship with God has helped me increase my faith in God and life generally; stay powerful, create more meaningful friendships, become confident in myself and my gifts, and pushed me towards achieving my goals.

2. Cultivate a Healthy Lifestyle


Living a healthy lifestyle for me, comes from understanding the positive impact of it in the long run. Because I’m passionate about achieving my purpose in life, I don’t want any eating or health problems that I can control now to stop me. This should be your mindset too. Beyond all the tips we get from experts, it will all be worthless if we don’t understand the fact that living a healthy lifestyle is connected to our purpose and calling in life. If eating those vegetables will help me live longer in order to serve humanity with my talents and gifts, then please bring it on! Generally, eating healthy and also exercising helps us become more productive, stay fit and believe that anything is possible. Sometimes it’s not laziness that stops people, it’s their mindset. When your mind says yes, your body follows.
Tip: Make healthy living fun by working out with friends, creating a challenge that involves other people, using apps such as SHealth to monitor your calorie intake, set goals and achieve them. Get that body moving already!



3. Create Positive Personal Habits


But wait! How can we achieve our goals while dwelling in bad habits of procrastination, laziness, unnecessary sleeping, inability to manage our time, spending beyond our means and more. We need to build the courage and inner muscle and go beyond our comfort zones. I know it can be hard sometimes, but have a bigger focus and goal in life and let that be your motivation. If one of your goals is to become a millionaire by 25, then you won’t achieve it if you’re procrastinating on your dreams or sitting and hoping for manna to fall from the sky. If setting your alarm clock to 1 hour before your wakeup time is a solution, then get to it. If visiting your family during Christmas or Thanksgiving will strengthen your relationship with your family, then work towards it. We all have so many goals to achieve, but starting from within is what makes the difference. Don’t think you have time…tomorrow is never guaranteed.



4. Read Books (Yes Please!)


Whoosh! One of my favorites. I’m trying not to scream on this one. Reading books to help you get the right knowledge, keep you positively minded, help you in your career and generally help with personal development, are very very very important and affects your life. I really don’t understand when people say they don’t read books. How? Why? What I know for sure from studying successful people is the fact that they invest in their minds. This could be through knowledge acquisition in their fields and life or even through meditation. But they are consistently reinventing and reinvesting in themselves just by reading books that will help them and push them 1000 steps beyond their peers or competitors. Life isn’t all cherry blossom with whip cream on top. Remember, you cannot give what you don’t have. You can stand confidently today and say that 2+2= 4. But at one point in your life, you didn’t know. This is the power of knowledge! The more you learn, the more you know and when you know better, you do better. Reading the right stuff gets you fired up, confident and ready to go beyond your current state of general well being. Just like how we have spiritual food and healthy foods, we also have mind foods. If you don’t feed your mind regularly, you’re heading towards ‘brain starvation’.



5. Your Circle of Influence

Imagine having the opportunity of discussing with 5 different successful people that you admire for 1 week. Let me help you a bit. If you’re like me- T.D Jakes, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Sara Blakely and the list goes on (tell me this bunch of amazing people don’t read books). Having the opportunity of discussing with them for one day alone, will recharge your life and destiny. The wealth of wisdom and experiences you will be lavished with, will be enough to last you for a long time if you’re smart enough to act on them. This is the same kind of energy your circle of influence and your friends should have on you. If your true friends aren’t adding value to your life, then it’s time to re-evaluate, discard and create meaningful friendships. Realize that it’s okay to move on…growth is very essential and requires pruning along the way. For some, it doesn’t hurt to say HI from afar, just so far you’re no longer sucking from their negative venom. Have you ever met those people that always have something negative to say about you and other people. Don’t even make the mistake of mentioning your dreams to them. They don’t understand what you’re talking about, period. They don’t see what you see. Surround yourself with people that inspire you to be better and those who aren’t afraid to tell you the truth but still give you a good landing spot (constructive criticism, not destructive criticism). People that have great plans for their lives, will support yours and help you get there. Assemble with those you ‘resemble’. It’s necessary that you surround yourself with the right support system. People that are dreamers…people that have a sense of mission and passion in life. Get the dream busters and energy suckers out of your life. Build a strong support base…this will set the pace for a lot of things in your life and off course your destiny.
Tip: Even though your circle of influence is vital, invest in yourself and also become a person of great and positive influence on the lives of other people. It’s more blessed to give. The more you give, the more you receive.

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6. Your Personal Appearance Matters Too


If anyone tells you that your outward look is totally not important while investing in yourself, then that’s not true. Don’t get me wrong here, but if you look great and amazing on the inside, it must reflect on the outside. Also, if you look great on the outside but have nothing important to say, then you might as well lock yourself up. You must dress the way you want to be addressed. Don’t break the bank please. Sometimes this means getting a clean hair cut or ironing your clothes properly. Even if you have just 1 shirt for an interview, make it the best for every single interview until you’re able to get more. Dress the way you want to be addressed and you’ll be amazed at the extent you’ll go. Imagine a beautiful, intelligent, smart, positive minded and well dressed woman…you get the gist!


7. Get a Mentor(s)

I once met someone who told me that they don’t need a mentor. Anyone that says they never need a mentor hasn’t experienced life yet and they most likely haven’t tapped into the realm of dreaming BIG. Have you ever gotten that 1 good advice from your mother that still continues to help you until today? In addition, you’ve probably used that same advice to help other people become better. So, imagine a truck load of such wisdom coming from your career mentor (or maybe life mentor) while getting access to practical tips and resources that will help you go from a sales boy to a manager. Having someone who has already gone through your intended path is a great way to tap into and get inside information. If you’re lucky to get the right mentor, your life will be catapulted to the next level in different ways.
Tip: Don’t just receive; seek out ways to help your mentor. That’s even the best way to learn and get him/her see you as a loyal and trustworthy person. In addition, remain humble. And yes, it’s okay to have more than one mentor


8. Financial Investments

This is probably one aspect alot of people runaway from. I had to learn the hard hard hard way when I woke up and realized that I had zero percent saving culture and I was broke. I promised myself that after that day, I will never personalize the word broke anymore but instead work towards being wealthy and rich. I started reading alot of articles and books on financial management, investment and savings. It’s amazing what you can learn from books and by reading HOW other people have achieved your intended goals.
Making money is a skill that takes a mindset change, continuous learning and off course practice. It’s best to start the journey to financial success early (if you’re a parent, start teaching your children about financial management early) as this will have a positive impact on your life in the long run, if you take the right steps.
Many people, especially women find themselves in a state of financial famine and sometimes they remain in that same position or drag themselves out hopefully. As we have spiritual and career goals, we should also have financial goals too. It’s important to set a monthly budget to help guide you towards spending right. Let’s take a few tips some people might relate with…
– Pay your tithe
– Save at least 20% of every income you get (start with 10% and walk your way up)
– Figure out other means of income. For example, you can list different skills you have and how you can use them to provide a service for people. If you can cook, how can you brand yourself well and start offering catering services on the side? It might be time to start that online course that people need or maybe start speaking professionally. Set a target for each skill or service you can provide and then work towards achieving it
NEVER rely on one source of income
– Pay yourself

-10% income goes towards a travel account

-5% for Miscellaneous or turn up time

-**% towards rent
– Give back (no matter how small, give back to great causes. There are principles about wealth that successful and wealthy people such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet understand and it’s related to giving)
– Set goals for your money, otherwise your money will definitely have ‘huge plans’ for you. It’s important that we don’t live above our means or try to impress people that don’t even care by going beyond our target budget.


9. Education & Skill Mastery

While college or any form of school is an option to some people, Education in general is very very very vital to your growth and success in life. If someone cannot afford the heafty tuition fees, thankfully, we have a lot of free online classes these days. Go on there and invest in an education. Trust me, it will help you! If you can, get an education and be determined to make the very best of it. This also means taking advantage of the career offerings offered by the school, joining the right associations related to your career, and generally allowing the school and it’s surroundings to pass through you. Open up your mind to enjoying the process.
Talent is never enough. It’s okay to dream of being a photographer, but it’s different when you master the skill of photography. This also applies to fashion designing, painting, carpentry (the case of IKEA) and more. Whatever you desire to do, find out how it’s already been or being achieved and then take actionable steps towards achieving it. You can’t just be in a business, the business has to be in you. You have to be willing to LEARN and become a master at something. Keep on attending those workshops and conferences…keep on practicing until you win!
10. Travel & New Experiences
It really pays to travel the world and see/experience life from other people’s views. I mean, if you have the opportunity to travel, grab it and don’t just visit, but explore and experience. Who knows, you might just get a great idea that you can apply to your country or your life in general.
Besides traveling though, life alone should give you an urge to embrace new experiences. This goes further to help you get outside your comfort zone and start living on new standards and ways of life.

11. Give Back (Bonus but super important )

It’s amazing when you give some of your spare time for a great cause. Whether it’s donating money, food, helping in an NGO during weekends or just giving your time to empowering girls in your community. This experience is generally inspiring and sometimes can trigger a great idea that you can use to serve humanity or even start up a business. Wherever city I live in, I always make sure I give back. It’s fulfilling to. Remember- the more you give, the more you receive. But giving from your heart and out of love, without expecting anything back, is the best way to live- ask Bill Gates. Check out SlumtoSchoolFaceAfrica and Charity Water,  my favorite NGO’s.



Now it’s your turn: What ways do you invest in yourself? How has this helped you towards your dreams and in life generally?


Honestly: I really appreciate you for reading. Please share your thoughts, experiences and ideas in the comment box below.


Life is more meaningful when we share. Don’t keep this to yourself. Let’s get more people investing in themselves! As always, Unleash Your King!



Love & Light






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    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate you stopping by. Sure! I’ll take out time and create a page specifically for different categories of books that can help you. For now, you can start by reading – The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and also 7 Habits of Highly Effective people by Stephen Covey. Let me know how that goes 🙂

    1. Goal setting definitely makes a big difference.

      I’m glad they helped you. Thanks for visiting my blog dear. I really appreciate 🙂

  1. Hi Laiza,
    What an informative and amazing post!
    Yes, you did a wonderful one here again!
    I like the way you started the intro with the vital point: Spiritual Growth: Build Your Relationship With God, That is the need of the hour and one should start with God, and the tips all the 10 mentioned in this post is really worth emulating.
    I liked the most in this are the #1 and the # 11. Give Back (Bonus but super important)
    Yes, that is what is expected from us, and we are supposed to do too! Since we do not know how long we will be here on this earth, so let us utilize that time allotted for us to get some benefits from us to others. Let’s share our blessings, whatever may that blessings be, share it as much as we can, I have written a few posts on this subject.
    Nice reading this lovely and wonderful post Elizebeth.
    Keep sharing

    1. Thank you so much Philip!! I really appreciate your comment and support.

      Indeed there’s a need for spiritual growth. That’s one undeniable aspect that has helped changed my mindset and approach towards life.

      Giving back is core to my values. Yes, you’re right- our blessings need to be shared with other people. I believe it’s through our blessings that others find light to walk on their own path in life.

      I’m definitely checking out your blog right now! The entire AHA community has soo much goodness. I raise my hand and confess that I’m still learning.

      Thanks again Philip!


  2. Reading!!! Reading!!! Reading!!!,,Am a testimony,,my life,my thinking,has changed,no more fear of the future.I now Know who God says I am..God bless you Laiza.

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