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      Kingly Word is a series from Laiza King, where she pours out her heart and shares life lessons that have helped her grow in life. Be prepare to be inspired as you take your life to a whole new level of greatness. Don’t dull your sparkle. Don’t fear fear. Shine your light for the […]

How to Create a Smart Freelance Writing Action Plan

Turn Your Scars into STARS (1)

What right do I even have to talk about freelance writing?

Well, simply because I’m a testimony of how freelance writing can change someone’s life.  It’s not about writing a daily blog post or simply having the gift of writing. It goes beyond that. For me, it’s all about acknowledging that you have a passion for writing, consistently stirring that gift and then taking steps to turn that passion into a profitable business.

Early this year, I made the decision to start writing for major publications and take some of my talents, gifts and expertise to the next level while earning in the process- from public speaking, writing, trainings, to starting a technology company. While doing an evaluation of my year, I realized that so far, freelance writing has brought in the fastest and largest amount of income for me this year, followed by the trainings I conduct. Note that, last year, I was still doing freelance writing, but I struggled while doing it. Then I decided to go back to the drawing board, with God, hardwork and perseverance, I’m reaping the bountiful fruits.

It’s unbelievable sometimes!


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Life Lately is a new series where I give insights and lessons that I’m currently learning and that have helped me grow in my life. By sharing these life lessons based on my spiritual and personal values, I believe that lives will be positively transformed.


There’s no doubt that everyone has a purpose here on earth. Yet most of us are not fully aware of why exactly we are here and what steps we should be taking towards our purpose. In fact, what’s even more heartbreaking is the fact that most people live way below their calling in life.

It’s been a long break from Laiza King and a tough but interesting one too. I haven’t written in 2 months. What?!

Honestly, I’ve missed writing here and connecting with my wonderful readers and I plan to be more consistent this time. Life has been very interesting and I’m so glad for the progress and growth that I have experienced so far this year. Sometimes, it takes some stripping away of the ‘old’, in order to embrace the new. That was the case for me, especially this 2016.

I’ve been doing some better structuring of the projects I have planned for the year and also intentionally assigning targets towards my talents and gifts. The most recent one that has brought the fastest progress (income, mindshift, knowledge, connections) is freelance writing. I’ll get to that in due time and hopefully get to explain the business of freelance writing to those interested. It’s amazing how God just makes a way to earn in a currency that everyone in your country is complaining about. I mean, how awesome God is!


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KINGLY WORD|Face Your Goliath



Kingly Word is a series from Laiza King, where she pours out her heart and shares life lessons that have helped her grow in life. Be prepare to be inspired as you take your life to a whole new level of greatness. Don’t dull your sparkle. Don’t fear fear. Shine your light for the world to see and feel your presence.



“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” – W. Clement Stone

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”- Jack Canfield


I’ve been afraid of so many things most of my life. I mean, scared of life, school, work and all the things that might go wrong. It took a conscious effort to stop allowing fear and all it’s siblings to caress me and my dreams.

Anyone that tells you they were never afraid or never felt fear is not being truthful. However, in order to achieve success or our greatness, we need to understand that we will have Goliaths on the way. While stepping to any phase of life, we will encounter obstacles on the way. But it’s our responsibility to look fear in the eye, create the right positive mindset and face our Goliath.


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Top 5 Reflections of 2015: The Year My Life Changed



In 2013, one of my friends from an association I belonged to in University, sent me an email with her top reflections of the year. I was really inspired and decided to do a yearly reflection and honestly, it has helped me analyse, grow, learn and take on the next year on a better path.

2015 was a year where I started implementing most of the things I had learnt in the previous years. I titled it –The Year My Life Changed. Change truly comes to life when we start applying the lessons we’ve acquired. So many interesting things happened this year and I learnt a lot of lessons and met people that have helped to transform my life positively. As a woman of God, I can proudly say that I am truly blessed and highly favoured and God is leading me to His purpose for my life. The one word that kept coming back was- GRATITUDE.

Above all, I now understand that truly, because God is for me, NOTHING can be against me. I can DO anything and everything I set my mind to. I now understand that power of our networks. I understand that love conquers all, and I’ve been learning to show and appreciate people more (very important), sometimes even when they seem unlovable. I understand the power of forgiveness and it’s ability to liberate us and lead us closer to our destinies. 2015, was a blessed year.


-Spiritual Growth & Faith

In 2015, I rededicated my life to God and promised Him that I’ll make Him proud. I took spiritual growth more seriously and decided to not just talk about God but intentionally start living out His Word in my life. I moved to Aba from Lagos in January because I needed support with my leg condition and I was a bit disturbed because I was leaving my church home in Lagos (RCCG). There was a reason for moving; God redirected my steps to House on the Rock, Aba for His divine purpose upon my life. I started Finding the Rock Foundation classes, connected with amazing mentors and people that have helped me grow in the faith and with their support, I really started living out my passion and purpose on earth- this year 2015. When we draw closer to God, He draws closer to us!


-The Power of Writing Goals & Meeting Great Men

In January 2015, while writing out my goals for the year, I decided to start leaving my comfort zone. Since 2013, after surgery, I’ve been “hiding”, going through a process but also building my muscles by developing myself for the future. One of the things I wrote down was that I would attend seminars organized by Mr. Lanre Olusola, Fela Durotoye, Steve Harris and Jimi Tewe. Previously, I had attended an event by Mr. Lanre in 2012, decided to search for him on social media, then stumbled upon the others and absolutely connected with their message. I didn’t know how I was going to meet them, because my mind told me it was expensive to attend their events and it would be in Lagos anyways. But I desired to attend their events and also meet them. Fast forward to April 2015, I started attending House on the Rock, Aba and during the Mind Power Summit; I met all of them apart from Jimi Tewe (who I met in October 2015 during the Live Your Passion event).


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[PODCAST]: What To Do When Nothing is Working




“I feel stuck.”

“Nothing is working.”

“I don’t feel good enough.”

“I’m never going to get this done.”


Have you ever experienced such moments in your life? I mean, who hasn’t? Sometimes it feels like nothing is working and you just feel like screaming!, as if that will solve the situation. But honestly, let’s not fake it here. It’s part of human experience to get to those kind of moments when we feel like things to change. If you’re reading this and you’ve never gone through such in your life, then you’re truly not growing.

Contrary to what most people think, sometimes feeling stuck is a sign of growth. Sometimes it means that you have more within you and it’s time to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. However, when absolutely nothing is working, how do you approach it?


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Want to Set Goals Before 2016? Join this FREE Challenge/Mini-Course Today


This is definitely the season where most people start getting ready for Christmas celebration and all the parties right?

Well, for me I’m all about setting goals ahead of next year and creating systems now that will help me achieve my goals for next year. Cool right?

I’m tired of waiting until the regular time- January 1st to start making new year resolutions that hardly work.

Most people that approach me always ask for help concerning creating a plan, goals, coaching advice, achieving their purpose and passion and generally how to create more profit or abundance in their lives. I definitely have some answers for these questions and I’m dedicated to learning everyday and helping more people.

That’s why I created a challenge that will help you….


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